LA Knight is a heel on SmackDown, but he’s getting an opposite reaction. Fans are cheering the former Million Dollar Champion, and that is not WWE’s plan, so they covered up those cheers with boos this week on SmackDown.

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Due to the WWE crew’s travel to Saudi Arabia for Night of Champions, the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown was pre-recorded a week ago. This gave WWE a chance to play with the editing a little bit in post-production to make changes to the show.

Since the 1980s, WWE has been enhancing the atmosphere of their taped shows with added crowd noise. The most recent episode was no exception. That being said, some fans expressed their discontent on social media after WWE covered up LA Knight’s cheers with boos.


Despite receiving overwhelmingly positive responses as a fan-favorite during live events in recent months, LA Knight is still positioned internally as a heel. He even got chants for him in Saudi Arabia.

In case you’re wondering, Triple H is well aware that fans are cheering for LA Knight. That didn’t stop them from adding boos to SmackDown this week.

LA Knight is not booked for a match at Night of Champions, but he is in the country. He appeared at the Fan Fest, and he obviously connected with those fans. We will have to see what he does next in WWE, but the former Eli Drake has a ton of potential under Triple H’s booking.

You can check out the video below, and listen for his reaction. Those boos did not come from fans in the building, because WWE wanted to spin the narrative a bit this week. Only time will tell how long it will be until they give up on trying to get fans to hate LA Knight.

What’s your take on WWE piping in boos for LA Knight? Sound off in the comments!

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