Adam Cole’s resounding return to the wrestling ring on the March 29, 2023 episode of AEW Dynamite brought immense joy to fans. Prior to his comeback, concerns had been raised about the state of his career due to reports of injuries that had circulated throughout 2022.

In several interviews, Cole candidly discussed the challenges he faced during his recovery from injury and the emotional toll it took on him. Recently, during an appearance on Barstool’s Rasslin podcast, he was asked if he ever contemplated retiring on his own terms.

Cole’s response was: “No.” He admitted to the fear of being told that he couldn’t return, which haunted him for months. Wrestling had been his lifelong passion since he was nine years old, and he remained resolute in his determination to make a comeback.

Despite facing discouragement from doctors and uncertainty about his future, he maintained an optimistic attitude with the support of his partner, Britt Baker, and his family. Cole emphasized that his singular focus was on returning to the ring, and retiring voluntarily never crossed his mind.


“I was going to have to be told, ‘Listen, you can’t do this. You’re risking a huge portion of your quality of life or you can’t get back in the ring, it’s too dangerous.’ If I was told that, that would be a different pill to swallow as it came, but no way I was going to go, ‘Eh, I think I’m gonna stop.'”

Looking ahead, Cole is now preparing to face Chris Jericho in an Unsanctioned Match at the upcoming Double Or Nothing pay-per-view this Sunday. His unwavering dedication and refusal to walk away from his lifelong passion have endeared him to fans, who eagerly anticipate witnessing his in-ring brilliance once again.

What are your thoughts on Adam Cole’s unwavering determination to continue wrestling despite the challenges he faced during his recovery? Do you admire his dedication and refusal to retire on his own terms? Leave a comment.

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