WWE was called out by Britney Abrahams, a former writer for the company, in scathing fashion. She filed a lawsuit after she was fired from the company when she took home a WrestleMania event chair without permission. That lawsuit mentions a lot more than why she was terminated.

WWE was accused of racist creative pitches in that lawsuit. In fact, the company was called out for many racist practices and creative angles. Britney Abrahams might have filed this huge lawsuit, and a lot of information came out about the company’s creative department. That being said, there hasn’t been much momentum in that case.

PW Insider provided a bit of an update about this situation. It seems that, if this lawsuit was actually filed, that no summons have been issued for any of the defendants yet.

As of this morning, there has still be no summons issued to defendants in the lawsuit brought against WWE, Vince McMahon, etc. in the Britney Abrahams lawsuit alleging racist conduct on behalf of WWE personell working in the creative team.


This lawsuit also alleged that an idea was pitched for Shane Thorne to hunt down Reggie like an animal and put him in cage. That idea never saw the light of day either, but it was detailed in the lawsuit. A racist storyline with Aliyah was also allegedly pitched in the WWE’s writer’s room, which was also mentioned in the lawsuit.

Obviously, there is a lot to unpack in this story, but it seems that WWE is just waiting on paperwork, so they can start fighting it. Only time will tell if anything materializes out of this situation, but Britney Abrahams certainly made a lot of noise in the process.

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