WWE is always making plans for the future, but a regime change in the company changed up their creative system backstage. Now, we have a bit more information about that.

The flow of information is important when you are talking about any successful company. It is always important for the right hand to know what the left hand is doing, but this can be a bit difficult in a company the size of WWE.

Ringside News reached out to ask about the current creative system, and if anything changed in that regard. We were told that there has been a significant change, especially where the flow of information is concerned.

We were told by a tenured WWE staffer that “the information flow here is different from in the past.” When things used to be shared among numerous people backstage, sometimes plans can be kept close to the vest between a few select people.


Ringside News was also told by a longtime member of the creative team that, “certain writers know certain things. Not all writers know all things. So there very well may be a plan, and then again, maybe there is nothing.” This is a change from the previous way that the company used to lock down plans.

We will have to see if WWE is able to pull off any big surprises in the weeks and months to come as they utilize this new system. Hopefully, the company can figure out a system that works well for them, while preserving the creative flow backstage as well.

We will continue to monitor this system here at Ringside News. There could be a lot more to this story if WWE adds more aspects to their backstage policy.

What’s your take on WWE’s new way of dealing with creative plans? Do you think it will help leaks from coming out? Sound off in the comments!

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