Vince McMahon carved out his own path in pro wrestling, and he led WWE for decades. For the longest time in the company, his opinion was the only one that mattered, no matter how bad your match was. Click here for a list of fantastic legends about Vince McMahon that happened to be true.

Sam Houston is a former WWE wrestler, but he didn’t have a tremendous career in the company. That being said, he was once praised by Vince McMahon backstage after a multi-person match didn’t pan out as planned.

During the 1988 Survivor Series, Houston joined forces with The Ultimate Warrior, Brutus Beefcake, The Blue Blazer, and Jim Brunzell, triumphing over The Honky Tonk Man, Ron Bass, Danny Davis, Greg Valentine, and Bad News Brown in an elimination match. They had different plans for that match, especially when it comes to the contest falling apart.

While speaking to the Cheap Heat Podcast, Sam Houston said, after the 18-minute match, he received accolades from Vince McMahon for his performance. The WWE Chairman apparently felt that the other Superstars in the match weren’t as impressive.


“Whenever I got back through the curtain, he thanked me,” Houston stated. “He said, ‘Sam, you saved that match. You were the only one out there that sold anything.’ And that goes back to winning and losing. The guys didn’t wanna put each other over. They didn’t wanna sell each other’s stuff, which is stupid because that’s how you get over – by selling each other’s stuff.”

Vince McMahon’s brief retirement in 2022 led to his return to the company. Then he ushered in a company sale, which resulted in Endeavor merging the company with the UFC. Now, TKO Group Holdings will be the new name of that merged company.

Although Vince McMahon handed off the creative reins to Triple H, he is still able to make very strong suggestions if he wants to make his opinion known. Only time will tell if we hear about any booking decisions that are done at Vince McMahon’s insistence, but it appears that Triple H is doing a good job running the show right now.

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