Logan Paul has impressed a lot of people since he made his WWE debut. The Maverick is still going in the company, and it’s expected that he will be back for SummerSlam in Detroit. That being said, he already has some people gunning for him.

WWE’s NIL program brought many superb names to the company, including The Cavinder Twins. The twins have a lot of attention on them, thanks to their massive TikTok following as well. In December 2021, Haley and Hanna Cavinder signed a deal with WWE’s NIL program.

On Jake Paul’s BS show, the newly-signed WWE Twins were asked about their WWE deal, and they confirmed that they want to be the next Bella Twins, for sure.

“We have a deal with them. We’re in like partnerships with them. Good tag team. The Next Bella Twins for sure.”


Jake Paul asked them about his brother, Logan Paul, and whether they believed they could beat him. The response was quite affirmative as Haley took the question.

“We actually saw him at Nashville when we went. Like he was in the ring and I was like dang. But do I think we could? Maybe.

Jake Paul then stirred the pot a bit by asking, “You just say that you would beat the f*ck out of him just to create the storyline?” Then Hanna added, “Oh yeah, we would absolutely kill him, kill him in the ring.”

“I could see it happening,” Haley continued as she addressed the idea of taking on Logan Paul and slaughtering him in the ring.

This was likely all in good fun, but it should also be noted that the Cavinder Twins have many reasons to be confident. Not only are they great athletes, but it seems that they might be flourishing in the WWE ring as well.

Only time will tell what’s next for the Cavinder Twins in WWE, but they are certainly taking things seriously at this point.

What’s your take on the Cavinder Twins in WWE? Do you think they will be better than the Bella Twins? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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