WWE entrance music means a lot to a character’s success. It can also be a make-or-break point to determine whether fans connect with that Superstar. Now, a few Superstars are set to get new music.

WWE’s entrances used to be done by Jim Johnston, but the company parted ways with him after over twenty years. Other people tried their hand at making WWE entrances, including CFO$, because they broke up.

Now Boozer666, who is known for breaking big insider WWE stories, reports that several WWE Superstars are set to get new entrances very soon. It sounds like there is a lot changing in the music department again as well.

Btw a lot of revamped themes will happen over the next 3 months. New songs and artists. Some movement happening in that dept. ill confirm when possible


Fans certainly notice when a WWE Superstar gets a new song, or even a slight remix for that matter. Sometimes a new song will go a long way to help a Superstar, but if fans hate the music, that is never a good sign.

We will have to see our ears open for new music in the weeks to come. With the WWE Draft still shaking out after the new rosters were sorted out, this might be a great time to switch up some of those tunes.

What’s your take on changing WWE Superstar music? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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