Vince McMahon has a lot of stories that are still being told to this day. Some of those stories have actually already been told, but they haven’t been really appreciated as they should have been to begin with.

Dustin Rhodes made his famous comeback to WWE after a stint in WCW. Upon his return, Rhodes reinvented himself as a character named Goldust. One of the first storylines involving Goldust in WWE was a feud with Razor Ramon, also known as Scott Hall.

Several years ago, Scott Hall gave an interview with YouShoot where he revealed that Vince McMahon suggested turning his feud with Goldust into a homosexual angle. Despite Hall’s reluctance, McMahon shared a personal experience of his own “first homosexual experience” in front of other wrestlers.

“He goes, ‘let me tell you about my first homosexual experience.’ And I remember sitting, me and Kevin [Nash] both sitting in Vince’s office at TV, and I looked at Kevin. My first thought was, ‘As opposed to your most recent? Like you and Warrior on a bearskin rug?’ Sorry, Vince.” 


“He was talking about when he was living in North Carolina, so he was hitchhiking one time. And I don’t know anything about Vince’s past but I’m thinking, ‘hitchhiking from where, the pool to the country club?’ Like, ‘what?!’ And he said some guy picked him up and was like rubbing his hand on his leg. And I’m thinking, ‘okay, now you tell me what does this have to do with wrestling?'”

This is quite an interesting story about Vince McMahon. On that note, you can also check out 15 legendary stories about Vince McMahon that turned out to be true here.

We’ll have to see if Vince McMahon ever comments on this story. Odds are he’s done with an in-depth interviews for now, because he’s back in control of WWE’s general direction.

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