Savio Vega made a surprise return to WWE at Backlash, and fans popped in a big way to see him in Puerto Rico. It turns out that this appearance was a long time in the making.

WWE likes to nail down plans in advance, and they are known to surprise fans with those big moments. Savio Vega’s return to WWE was a one-off appearance, but it certainly meant a lot to those fans.

We previously reported that Savio Vega credited Damian Priest and Bad Bunny for orchestrated his surprise return. While speaking to Steve Fall, Vega also revealed exactly how long those plans were in the pipeline.

“About two months ago. This is the mastermind by Damian Priest and of course, Bad Bunny. They are big fans of myself when they growing up watching TNT. In Dallas when they did the farewell of The Undertaker, that was the first time I saw him there. We met. We talked a little bit. We exchanged numbers. Then once in a while, hello. Then I got the call from Bruce Prichard. ‘Do you want to be part of the pay-per-view? We’re going down to Puerto Rico?’ ‘Of course. Why not?’”


When Savio Vega was asked when he knew that Carlito was going to be a part of the Backlash event, he revealed that they told him that same day.

“The same day they called me. They were looking for Carlito too. Let’s do it. Let’s make some money. Let’s make some noise.”

Savio Vega is known for his striking and charisma in WWE, but Puerto Rican fans remember him for far more than that. It meant a lot to them to see Savio Vega at Backlash, even if it was just for one night.

We’ll have to see if Savio Vega is able to make a return to WWE any time soon. If anything, we know that he’s only a phone call away if they ever make it back to Puerto Rico.

What’s your take on Savio Vega’s surprise WWE return? Do you think that WWE needs to use him more often with the LWO? Sound off in the comments!

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