AEW has hired a few people in the last several months who could really help the company in the long run. This week, it was announced that the company brought on Will Washington to help with the company’s creative direction, but Tony Khan is still the boss.

It was previously noted that, “Among the duties Washington will be helping with are overseeing continuity and aiding in long-term creative, working directly with Tony Khan. Washington’s deal was official on Thursday, April 27, just ahead of his last D.A.D broadcast. Washington is one of the first wrestling podcasters in the space, and has done over one thousand broadcasts over 18 consecutive years of podcasting.”

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed this new hire for AEW. It seems that Tony Khan has more help, but he’s always had people around to assist him. That being said, the final say still goes to Tony Khan.

“He (Tony Khan) was never by himself, he always had QT (Marshall), he always had Sonjay Dutt and a couple of others. Tony Schiavone. Who else is in that mix? Pat Buck.”


“And at other points, Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Max (MJF), Jericho, Moxley, and Punk. They all have had significant input into AEW.”

“So it’s not like it’s Tony (Khan) doing a one-man show. But he is the final boss, and that won’t change. He’s still going to be the final boss, and he should be the final boss.”

We will have to see how AEW might change in the months to come. Will Washington could add a lot of value to the product, but it is obviously far too soon to know that for sure at this time.

AEW will continue toward the future, with a few high profile events lined up. Only time will tell if this new hire improves things, but Tony Khan certainly seems confident in his new hire, because Will Washington will report directly to the AEW President.

What’s your take on this new hire for AEW? Do you think Tony Khan needs more help in a creative sense? Sound off in the comments!

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