EC3 has responded to Fred Rosser’s comments about him speaking up regarding his former tag team partner, Titus O’Neil. The former WWE star had revealed that he was concussed multiple times by Titus during their NXT stint in 2011, and while Titus did not comment on the matter, Fred Rosser spoke up and challenged EC3 to a match while warning him to keep Titus’ name out of his mouth.

During an interview on The Wrestling Outlaws, EC3 stated that he is not mad at anyone but thinks that whoever is responsible for the situation should take accountability. EC3 further mentioned that he was at fault, as he didn’t take enough precautionary measures to ensure he didn’t get injured.

First of all, I didn’t say he concussed me. I said he concussed me multiple times. Secondly, I said I’m not mad at him; I forgive everybody. You take accountability for everything, you and me, are solely responsible for what happens to me. So, perhaps, I didn’t protect myself well enough. I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. There’s no ill will,” said EC3.

EC3 clarified his comments about Titus O’Neil, stating that he did not say that Titus had concussed him. Instead, he said that Titus had concussed him multiple times. He also mentioned that he forgives everyone and takes accountability for himself. EC3 added that he has no intentions of spreading lies and always speaks about things transparently and honestly.


“I didn’t say anything bad about him; I just said the truth. And my truth is true. I have no intentions or reason to lie. In fact, everything I bring to this podcast and to the wrestling world is complete transparency and honesty because I think that’s what [is] lacking.”

It remains to be seen if Fred Rosser will respond to EC3’s comments, but it’s clear that EC3 is standing by his statements and is willing to take accountability for his role in the situation.

What do you think about EC3’s response to Fred Rosser’s comments about Titus O’Neil? Do you believe that accountability should be taken by all parties involved in such situations? Leave a comment.

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