WWE is allowing their Superstars the ability to jump on Twitch once again. This comes after very long stretch of time of them not being allowed on the third-party website. While WWE has changed a lot, so has their corporate policy, and that is working out for Superstars.

WWE is getting a cut from their Superstars’ new Twitch deals. It was confirmed that the company’s cut is in the single percentage digits, but that money isn’t coming out of Superstars’ pockets.

Bryan Alvarez stated on Wrestling Observer Radio that money that is made through WWE Superstars’ Twitch deals will not come from the Superstars’ side of things. In fact, that money will come out to Twitch’s cut of the profits.

“It is confirmed through talent that WWE’s Twitch cut is from the Twitch side, not the talent side.”


Andrew Zarian also provided additional detail on Twitter. He made it known that this was a very “talent friendly deal,” and WWE executives actually cut a much better percentage for them than other creators get.

“Spoke to a source regarding the Twitch deal with WWE.

“According to them WWE execs negotiated for talent to get a larger cut than other creators on the platform.

“This was described to me as a “very talent-friendly deal”.”

WWE fans must be happy about this turn of events for Twitch. A ton of Superstars lost revenue and some social median engagement when WWE nixed Twitch streaming. Now, those fans can connect with their favorite Superstars online once again.

What’s your take on WWE’s new deal with Twitch? Are you glad WWE Superstars are back on the platform? Sound off in the comments!

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