Gable Steveson created a lot of attention when he decided to ink a deal with WWE, but that big debut never went down. Now, we are looking at another WWE Draft coming up, and he still hasn’t made his debut. That being said, WWE did have plans for him at one time.

There was also a time in recent memory when it seemed that Gable Steveson was frustrated with his position in WWE. He also could be preparing to become a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer brought up Gable Steveson’s status with WWE, and what the company had planned for him. They did want to have him continue showing up and slowly integrate him into the story. Sadly, those plans changed.

“The original idea was he was gonna do college wrestling that season, which he did, and they were gonna bring him to a couple of Raws during the year.


“He wasn’t gonna wrestle, but he was gonna make appearances to build up his debut which was gonna be at WrestleMania. And yeah, never appeared, still hasn’t appeared.

“He’d retired after winning the Olympic gold medal, actually after winning the NCAA Championship last year because he came back from the Olympics to win the NCAA Championship. Then he retired and he was gonna go into WWE and all that.

“Obviously that has not materialized. He did have the surgery to repair the Wolff’s Heart (Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome), but his progress has not… he hasn’t lit the world on fire by any means and they haven’t put him on for that very reason

WWE has a lot of things in the pipeline, but that doesn’t mean it will go down exactly as they have planned. Gable Steveson is a great example of that, because an illness popped up for him and created a big distraction for his journey as a WWE Superstar.

We’ll have to see if Gable Steveson surprises us all in the future with his main roster debut. He could still be a breakout star in pro wrestling, but he wants to finish up his amateur days first and see what he can accomplish there.

What’s your take on Gable Steveson’s future in WWE? Do you think that he is a future WWE Champion? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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