WWE just arranged a deal with Endeavor to merge with the UFC, and that caused a lot of attention. Their viewership numbers are also seeing an interesting shift as the company turns a new chapter in their history. That trend is a very good one for Vince McMahon’s company.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer brought up RAW’s recent viewership trend. Looking beyond the week-to-week numbers, it was noted that WWE is certainly on a hot streak.

It was also noted that this trend for WWE is not a new one. They have been able to keep up their growing viewership as core demographic numbers strengthen, especially compared to AEW.

“When you look at year-to-year, Raw was up 10% in viewers, 22% in 18-49, and 34% in 18-34. This is from the same week last year, going against similar competition, big competition last year as well.


“It just shows, not only how much hotter it is, but when you notice that the younger the viewer, the bigger the increase from last year, basically tells you that they are attracting a younger audience. A significantly younger audience than they were.

“To the point that Raw this past week was actually the youngest pro-wrestling television show of the week.

“There has not been a week that’s the case since the start of AEW in 2019. The basic example is that WWE is hot, it’s hot with younger viewers. This is not a one-off, this has been building for a year now, really. But really hitting big in the last couple of months.”

WWE will continue on as they strive to gain a stronger foothold in their viewership. It appears that whatever they are doing is working out for them. Obviously, all the corporate upheaval might have sparked a new interest within their fan base as well.

AEW is also trying their best to give their fans the best product possible, but they haven’t seen the boom in business that WWE has in recent months. Only time will tell what we will be talking about in a year from now, but this is certainly an interesting trend to pay attention to.

What’s your take on WWE programming? Has it gotten better over the past year? Is WWE better than AEW? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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