WWE banned their talent from taking part in third party platforms like Twitch and Cameo. After all, those Superstars were making bank in some cases, and doing so with a fan base that WWE cultivated. Now, they are allowed back on those platforms, but WWE wants their cut.

It was previously reported that WWE Superstars are allowed back on Twitch. This was big news for fans who really miss those live streams with their favorite Superstars.

Sean Sapp noted behind Fightful’s paywall that WWE is taking a cut, but he was told that it isn’t a huge one. In the end, WWE only wants a percentage in the “single figures.”

We’re told the WWE split of the new Twitch deal is very low, in the single figures.


Whether WWE is getting 1% or 9% of WWE Superstar’s Twitch stream revenue is probably a small consolation to being allowed back on stream in the first place. Those Twitch loving members of the WWE roster would probably gladly pay a Superstar tax for the ability to stream again.

We’ll have to see if any WWE Superstars pop off and create some headlines with their streams. After all, we all remember when Randy Orton accidentally dropped the N-Bomb video gaming it up.

What’s your take on WWE getting a percentage of WWE Superstars Twitch money? Do you think it’s a small price to pay for streaming? Sound off in the comments!

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