WWE is facing a lawsuit from a fan who claims he suffered hearing loss due to pyrotechnics at WrestleMania 38. The case, brought by Marvin Jackson, has taken a new turn as WWE has filed a motion to have the lawsuit moved to arbitration.

The lawsuit, which seeks over $1 million in relief, alleges that Jackson lost his hearing due to the pyrotechnics used during the event. WWE argues that the case should be heard in arbitration as fans agree to arbitration as part of the terms and provisions when buying tickets online.

Jackson’s nephew purchased the tickets, and he argues that he never agreed to any terms and conditions put forth by WWE. However, WWE has responded by arguing that Jackson did, in fact, agree to the terms and that his claims are wrong as a matter of fact and law.

The filing reads as followed:


“Jackson does not and cannot dispute that the terms of the Arbitration and Release & Waiver of Liability Agreement expressly apply to him because he used the electronic ticket purchased through SeatGeek.com to attend WrestleMania 38. Jackson also does not and cannot dispute that his purported decision to ignore the terms of his ticket and the multiple notifications that were sent regarding such terms is legally irrelevant.”

The court has not yet weighed in on the matter. WWE has asked that the lawsuit be paused while arbitration plays out.

This is not the first time WWE has faced legal action over pyrotechnics. In 2019, a fan sued the company after suffering burns from a pyrotechnic display during a live event. The case was eventually settled out of court.

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