Rumors have been circulating about a potential new AEW show, and Dave Meltzer recently discussed these rumors on Wrestling Observer Radio. According to Meltzer, he had heard about the Saturday show before reports of CM Punk returning to AEW/cm-punk/, but it’s possible that they could be related.

Meltzer noted that the biggest problem with AEW running weekly show on Saturdays is the amount of competition they would face from other sports events, including big boxing matches, college football, the World Series, and NFL games. He acknowledged that Saturdays are one of the toughest nights for sports, which would make it difficult for AEW to draw a large audience beyond their most hardcore fans.

“I heard about the Saturday show long before [the reports of] Punk coming back. Could it be related? When you look at the idea behind it, it definitely could be related.”

“You’re going against every big boxing match,” Meltzer said. ”You’re going against college football all fall, you’re going against the World Series, there’s going to be NFL on Saturdays at times. Saturday’s the toughest night for sports. That is going to be a very difficult night for them to draw anything but their most hardcore audience because there’s so much competition.”


Meltzer also mentioned the potential for the show to be delayed or preempted due to other sporting events, including NBA games that may air on Saturdays.

Despite the challenges, many fans are excited about the possibility of a new AEW show, as it would provide even more opportunities to see their favorite wrestlers in action. AEW has been gaining momentum in the wrestling world in recent years, and a new show would only add to their growing popularity.

While rumors of a new AEW show continue to circulate, Dave Meltzer has raised concerns about the challenges that would come with running a weekly show on Saturdays. With so much competition from other sports events, AEW would need to rely on their most loyal fans to make the show a success.

What are your thoughts on the potential new AEW show on Saturdays? Do you think AEW can compete with other sports events on this tough night, or will it be a challenge for them to draw a large audience beyond their most hardcore fans? Leave a comment.

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