Alexa Bliss has worked incredibly hard to become one of the top stars in WWE. Her determination to always be the best version of herself is truly inspiring and has motivated countless people. While she’s already achieved a lot of success, she’s not done yet and has big plans for her future in the wrestling world.

Unfortunately, like many public figures, she has to deal with online trolls who try to bring her down. But Alexa doesn’t take any nonsense from these people and recently hit back at them.

As previously reported, Little Miss Bliss had to take break from WWE television, which was much needed. Not everyone was happy about this, either. During her hiatus, Alexa Bliss had to undergo treatment for a very serious skin condition.

Alexa Bliss was diagnosed with a form of skin cancer called Basal Cell Carcinoma. The procedure went off without a hitch, and she even showed off her stitches. Unfortunately, that only gave more ammo to her trolls who continued to go after her many times.


Little Miss Bliss took to Twitter and ripped all the ‘keyboard warriors,’ making it clear that she could not care less that they try to troll her all the time.

“I want to know how people who are keyboard warriors think I react to seeing their tweets … are they like “THIS WILL GET HER!” “TAKE THAT”I genuinely want to know … because they make me laugh.”

Alexa Bliss also called out a troll who threatened her husband Ryan Cabrera. It’s sad to see so many people go after Alexa Bliss for absolutely no reason. Regardless, Alexa Bliss knows how to handle such trolls and that’s all that matters to her.

What do you think about Alexa Bliss’s response to her trolls? Do you think celebrities and public figures should respond to trolls or simply ignore them? Leave a comment.

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