WWE fans have been known to take over shows with chants when they want, and Road Dogg recently talked about whether it upsets Vince McMahon.

The WWE SVP of Live Events recently addressed the topic on his Oh You Didn’t Know Podcast, stating that while McMahon and Cena are examples of people who don’t get angry, he personally gets irritated when fans take over the show in ways that can be disruptive.

Road Dogg shared his thoughts on the topic during a recent episode of his podcast. He revealed that while he gets frustrated when fans hijack the show, McMahon tends to have a different perspective.

According to Road Dogg, McMahon doesn’t get angry about fans taking over the show because he sees things from a “higher elevation.”


“No, he’s probably the one of the ones that didn’t get hot about it,” said Road Dogg. “Because I think he sees from a higher elevation than I do. I get hot about it because I’m a performer, and I know he is too, so I don’t understand. But maybe he gets it, ‘as long as they’re doing something, they’re getting their money’s worth and here they are.’ And I know that was always Cena’s mentality too.”

Road Dogg is not the only WWE personality to comment on the issue of fan chants during shows. In the past, wrestlers such as Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins have voiced their frustration with fans hijacking shows with chants. However, some performers such as Chris Jericho and CM Punk have embraced the phenomenon and even used it to their advantage in their matches and promos.

Fan chants have become a staple of WWE shows over the years, with popular chants such as “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and “What?!” becoming synonymous with WWE programming. While some fans enjoy chanting and being a part of the show, others feel that it can be disruptive and take away from the in-ring action.

Regardless of how fans feel about chants, it seems that they will continue to be a part of WWE shows for the foreseeable future. As for McMahon, it appears that he doesn’t mind the chants as much as some other WWE personalities do.

What are your thoughts on fans chanting during WWE shows? Do you think it adds to the experience or takes away from the in-ring action? Leave a comment.

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