Becky Lynch is a 20-year veteran in professional wrestling and truly loves the business in ways no one else can. That said, she is more than aware of how the industry has been changing over the past few years. Now it seems Lynch is worried too many celebrities in WWE could kill the company.

Becky Lynch previously revealed that she was not familiar with Logan and Jake Paul before the latter appeared in WWE. She also expressed her opinion that part-time wrestlers like Logan Paul should not receive opportunities ahead of full-time roster members.

Of course, the inclusion of celebrities in professional wrestling is nothing new. After all, celebrities have been part of events such as WrestleMania since the very first show. They have also been involved in programs on both Monday Night RAW and Friday Night Smackdown.

While speaking on Know Mercy with Stephen A. Smith, Becky Lynch talked about celebrities being brought in for pro wrestling storylines. While Lynch admitted that outside star power helps “bring a new audience in,” a balance is needed. Becky Lynch also worries that too many celebrities in WWE could kill the company.


That can be a bit of a problem. Personally, and from a work ethic standpoint, that you put all of this effort into this all year round, and when the big shows come, when the big stadiums come, and there’s 80,000 people, you want to receive your flowers for that hard work you’ve been putting in all year round so that we can do this.

It is fantastic, but it cannot be what this business is. We need those people that are wrestling three, four times a week that can carry this, that are thinking about this constantly, that it is their sole focus. We need that, because yes, the Pat McAfees of the world or the Logan Pauls can have three matches a year or one match and we can put a spotlight on them and give them their kudos and their flowers and say, ‘Well done.’ But this business is hard. This business is so hard and it’s tough, and it’s skill and it’s craft, and without those people that know how to do this in the way that we do it, then it will die.”

Becky Lynch also recently declared that gender is no longer barrier in WWE.  It is very likely that many fans feel the same way that Becky Lynch does when it comes to celebrities being part of WWE. Regardless, it is unlikely celebrities will stop getting involved with the company anytime soon.

What are your thoughts on celebrities being involved in professional wrestling storylines? Do you agree with Becky Lynch that too many celebrities in WWE could kill the company? Leave a comment.

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