A few WWE Superstars had unique roads to WrestleMania. Finn Balor’s battle with Edge was a highlight of WWE programming, as they set the stage for an epic battle in the unforgiving Hell in a Cell structure. Little did fans realize, but Finn Balor was battling far more than just Edge on his road to WrestleMania.

The Judgment Day leader logged onto Instagram today to reveal that he actually tore his calf on March 10th. Normal recovery time for that injury is around 8 to 8 weeks. As we all know, he still threw down with Edge on April 2nd.

This recovery took a ton of work, as Finn Balor noted that WWE’s medical team “threw the kitchen sink” at his injury, to help him heal faster. In the end, he had some serious thanks to dish out.

Road to wrestlemania


On March 10th Ep of Smackdown I sustained a grade 2 calf tear.
Normal recovery time is estimated at 6-8 weeks.

Hold my beer!

With just 3 weeks & 2 days to Wrestlemania WWE medical team ‘threw the kitchen sink at it’ & with some careful planning, long days of rehab and a lot of swear words we made it back in time with a day or two spare!

My wife said it best. ‘This injury has been the Demon of your career, and you need to over come this Demon to Release YOUR DEMON at Wrestlemania’ @verolaguera

Special thanks to CJ for his incredible work ( and not taking a day off for 3 weeks)

Finn Balor and Edge still had that WrestleMania Hell in a Cell match. Interestingly enough, that match was actually stopped midway through when Balor sustained a brutal cut on his head thanks to Edge hurling chair at his skull. It seems that Balor can’t catch a break, but that won’t stop him at all.

We’ll have to see what’s next for Finn Balor and Judgement Day. He might need to take it easy for a while, but odds are he will be back at is as soon as he possibly can.

What’s your take on this big WrestleMania revelation? Sound off in the comments!

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