Vince McMahon’s return to WWE as the Executive Chairman signaled the start of many changes to come. After almost three months of going back and forth between potential buyers, WWE was sold to UFC’s parent company Endeavor. That being said, it seems this will change nothing for MJF’s future plans.

MJF is a massive star in AEW and is easily one of the most sought after pro wrestlers on the planet. In fact, MJF previously revealed that he will go where the money is after his current AEW contract ends in 2024. MJF even said that there will be a bidding war for him in 2024.

MJF turned his current AEW contract situation into a television storyline. The AEW World Champion has never failed to make numerous WWE references, including references to Nick Khan and Triple H.

While speaking with the media recently, MJF was asked about WWE’s merger with the UFC. The Salt of The Earth made it clear that it will not change the bidding war of 2024. MJF also explained how it will end up helping AEW.


It’s exciting. A rising tide lifts all ships. The more professional wrestling is in the media, the better, which is why as World Champion. The best thing Tony Khan ever did was give me the opportunity to wrestler for the belt and beat that loser Jon Moxley so I can rise the ship that is All Elite Wrestling.

Now, AEW, when you talk about professional wrestling, you can’t not talk about AEW and you damn sure can’t not talk about Maxwell Jacob Friedman. So, I think both companies right now are white hot, I think in my opinion, [holding up the Triple B – BIG BURB, the AEW World Heavyweight Championship] this is THE belt. If you want to be at the pinnacle of our profession, as a professional wrestler, this is the belt to win, this is the belt to hold, and I’m the guy to beat.

If you’re asking how often I think about money – often. That’s the answer to the question. It’s a battle of the Khans! We’ll see who wins.

What I will say right now, I’m very happy to be the face of my promotion. I’m very happy to be the biggest minute-for-minute draw on Wednesday nights by a freakin’ landslide – no offense to anybody else on the roster, it’s just a fact. Tony Khan is very fortunate to have me and I have a feeling he’s doing to do whatever it takes to keep it as such.”

Even Cody Rhodes recently stated that MJF can be big star in WWE. MJF also told WWE talent that he is looking forward to joining the company in 2024. There is also doubt over MJF moving the needle in WWE. Regardless, it remains to be seen what MJF will do in the end.

What do you think will be MJF’s next move after his AEW contract expires in 2024? Do you see him staying with AEW or moving on to another promotion like WWE?

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