Gisele Shaw’s Wrestlecon experience was hampered in a big way when Rick Steiner decided to hurl transphobic insults at her. The misgendering and hateful slurs did not stay tucked inside Gisele Shaw’s mind for long before she let everyone know about it on Twitter. A storm of controversy followed for Rick Steiner, and now more are coming forward to back up Shaw’s claim.

Chris Jericho sent out a message to say that he believes Gisele Shaw’s story. He also said that Rick Steiner has always been a bully.

Gia Miller logged onto Twitter, and she might have seen some fans discrediting Gisele Shaw’s story. Either way, she still made it very clear that Rick Steiner did indeed say all of those hurtful transphobic things.

For the people that demand witnesses? Fine. I am the other talent she spoke to. And I walked with her, arm in arm, and looked straight into Rick’s face as he called her an “freak” and an “piece of trash” and “a dude.”


I am only ONE of the people that saw this happen.

After Wrestlecon banned Rick Steiner, they also issued a public apology for the ordeal. Steiner was not booked through the convention, because he was brought in through a third party vendor. Scott Steiner still appeared on Saturday at Wrestlecon without his brother.

We’ll have to see if Rick Steiner issues any sort of public statement on the matter. Right now, it seems that he is staying quiet on the issue. For more on this story, and everything else going on in the pro wrestling world, stay turned with Ringside News.

What’s your take on Rick Steiner’s transphobic comments? Is he getting cancelled for real? Sound off in the comments!

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