The classic Hell in a Cell was an unforgiving steel structure, metallic and brutal. Then Vince McMahon made the call somewhere over the years to do away with that metal look and paint the whole thing red. The red cell was the matter of mockery and memes for years, but it appears that Triple H made a big call when he took over.

Triple H is now running the show in WWE. This called for some changes, and it appears that The Game made a call to go back to the cell he competed in back in the day. While it’s likely to still include several upgrades from the previous Hell in a Cell, it appears that the old cell look is back.

Leaked photos of WrestleMania’s setup in SoFi Stadium were handed to Ringside News, and we saw something quite interesting. It appears that there is a giant cell in the middle of it all, and it is not red at all.

Finn Balor and Edge will battle in a Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania. That match will see Edge’s Brood character take on Balor’s Demon King. It is also reported that Gangrel will be on hand for the big match.


Triple H did away with the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, opting to make the match a gimmick that he can insert into stories. WrestleMania will see Triple H’s first opportunity to book a Hell in a Cell match.

You can check out the photo below to see the proof. WWE has a lot of big plans for WrestleMania, and this will be Triple H’s first outing as he calls the shots for the showcase of the immortals.

Are you happy to see the old cell return? What did you hate the most about the red cell? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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