Brock Lesnar is one of the most destructive forces to ever set foot in the WWE ring. He is known for destroying his opponents with ease and has beaten just about everyone he has wrestled over his illustrious career. Hence, it should come as no surprise that Lesnar rejected a match against Bray Wyatt, who isn’t known for being the most serious person in the ring.

As good as Bray Wyatt is, his on-screen persona is known for mocking his opponents in a comical way. His antics during his very brief feud against Bobby Lashley involved him asking the Almighty One to “pull up [his] pants and do the muscle man dance.”

When Lesnar was offered a match against Bray Wyatt, he reportedly turned it down. Then Lesnar was placed against Omos, and Wyatt was given Bobby Lashley as an opponent.

Dutch Mantell, on his podcast Story Time with Dutch Mantell, claimed that Brock Lesnar rejected the match against Wyatt because he wanted his menacing reputation to remain intact.


“Now we know why Brock rejected the match with Bray Wyatt because he says, ‘Now you’re gonna make me a cartoon figure,’ and that’s basically what they would do, even though I don’t know how they would do that, but it really doesn’t play to Brock’s strengths.”

Brock Lesnar is now set to face Omos at WrestleMania. The buildup to this match hasn’t been great either, but at least Omos is a more serious character. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we bring you similar stories.

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