CM Punk hasn’t made his way back to AEW since Brawl Out, but his name is coming up a lot more. There is belief that he wants to make a return to AEW, and one would argue that there is certainly a lot of unfinished business. There are also a few stories that might need cleared up.

The rumor is out there that CM Punk pressured Tony Khan to let him win the AEW World Title from Jon Moxley. This narrative made the rounds, and it seems that the story got to CM Punk himself.

CM Punk logged into Instagram to comment on this rumor. He made it clear that it was Jon Moxley’s idea to pull a move like Rocky 3, even though CM Punk never saw the movie before in his life. The Second City Savior said that he spoke to Tony Khan to make sure this is the direction he wanted to go, and the boss said that was the plan.

“SIGH. I wasn’t cleared to come back to wrestle yet. Then plan was to wrestle at the ppv. I sat and listened to moxleys Rocky three idea. I explained how I’d never seen a Rocky movie. I and thought the idea sucked but if the boss wanted to do it whatever. He said he wouldn’t lose to me. I’d never experienced someone refusing to lose to me. I just laughed. I asked Tony [Khan] if this was what he wanted. He said yes. He’s the boss so I said okay but I’d need to be cleared first. They kept saying it could just be a squash so I didn’t need to be cleared. I scoffed at that. My health is more important.


Dave Meltzer is a liar. [Chris] Jericho is a liar and a stooge. There were plans but plans always change but I’ll never put a company above my health ever again.”

CM Punk deleted his Instagram story pretty soon after he posted it, but the message was still heard loud and clear. This could also be a sign that fans will start hearing more from CM Punk, because his name is certainly coming up more often in the rumor mill.

Do you think CM Punk is heading back to AEW television? Does AEW need him back to bring up ratings? Sound off in the comments!

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