The Ultimate Warrior will live on in WWE History for his unique personality, but he did not come without controversy. The WWE Hall of Famer was notorious for being a bit stiff in the ring and hard to work with. That doesn’t even scratch the surface, as homophobic comments he made later on in life were also quite troubling. Still, it seems that Randy Savage always liked him.

“Macho Man” Randy Savage is also a WWE Hall of Famer with a bit of controversy around his name. It seems that, although Ultimate Warrior was not without his faults, Randy Savage liked him, according to his late brother Lanny Poffo.

During the Cafe de Rene with Rene Dupree, Lanny Poffo once opened up about how his brother felt about the Ultimate Warrior. Although Savage was in Warrior’s corner, that didn’t win over the rest of the WWE locker room.

“Randy liked him. In [Savage’s] mind, he made a list of everything [Warrior] did well and everything he didn’t do well, and Randy would make sure all the things that did well was in the match and he wouldn’t let him do the other stuff.”


“He was just a guy that had a fantastic body, that they fell in love with, that they gave a mega-push, and he never learned to work. He had no respect for the business. He had no respect for anyone except Ultimate Warrior, and it was that selfish greed that caused his career to curtail … He was not a nice man.”

Sadly, Lanny Poffo passed away, but his legacy will certainly live on. He had a lot of wisdom and stories to tell about his experiences in pro wrestling, and his memories about the Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage is just scratching the surface.

What’s your take on The Ultimate Warrior? Would you have gotten along with him? Sound off in the comments!

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