Lanny Poffo passed away on February 2nd at the age of 68 due to heart failure. Jim Duggan broke the news of Poffo’s passing. About a month prior to his passing. Poffo met with WWE Hall of Famer Booker T as they were filming for “WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures” on A&E.

On his “Hall of Fame” podcast, Booker T gave his condolences to Lanny Poffo’s family and recalled the day of his shoot with The Genius.

“He had a tight shirt on and everything like he had been working out. I was actually complimenting him on the tight shirt. He was like ‘I wear these shirts to keep everything together.’ He seemed perfectly fine.”

“We’re just wrapping up as far as the Macho Man Randy Savage’s stuff that we were looking for ‘Treasures,’ for Mach. Like I said he seemed perfectly fine and for me to open my phone and just looking for some stories for the show tonight and that’s the first thing that popped up today I go ‘Wow man. Just can’t seem to catch a break with guys falling.’ Seemed like we just went through this a couple weeks ago right?”

Lanny Poffo was forever linked to his famous brother, late WWE Hall of Famer Randy Savage, and trailblazing father, Angelo Poffo. He managed to carve out a unique legacy of his own. Angelo and Randy passed in 2010 and 2011, respectively, leaving Lanny with enough time to spend the last decade honoring their glorious legacy at the miscellaneous wrestling events he attended.

Lanny Poffo made his debut in the WWE in 1985 alongside his brother, Randy Savage. He was known for his unique style and was scheduled to accept a Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of Savage at the 80’s Wrestling Con at the time of his death.

Lanny Poffo signed with WCW in 1995, but wrestled only once during his time there. Despite being under contract for five years and receiving regular paychecks, Poffo was never contacted with any WCW bookings. In fact, his own repeated calls to the office went unreturned, and he was simply never used by WCW.

Lany Poffo’s death comes just two weeks after the passing of ROH Hall Of Famer Jay Briscoe. Jay died in a car accident in Laurel, Delaware on January 17th. Although he never won a major championship, Poffo was well respected by fans and peers alike for his in-ring ability and his unique personality. He remains a beloved figure in the world of professional wrestling.

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