Ric Flair is known for his jet-flying and styling and profiling antics. He also knows how to spend a lot of money, but he also owes a pretty penny as well.

We previously reported that Ric Flair is in the whole for $300,000. Dutch Mantell sent out a scathing message to let everyone know how much The Nature Boy really owes him.

“Ric, there’s a huge difference between us and before you get to how much money you made vs. me, I’ll concede that point. Yes, you made a helluva lot more $$$ than I did. But I think along the way, I’ve never been accused of: Lying, not paying taxes, borrowing money from friends to pay said taxes and not paying them back, being millions of dollars in debt and being sued for settlement in non-payment actions plus arrested for domestic violence. Only seriously hollow people do that. It would seem that after all this you should’ve learned something but alas, not.”

Carey Silkin logged in to confirm the story that Dutch Mantel said about Ric Flair. In fact, Flair owes Silkin around $41,000 of his own personal money.

Unfortunately, every word that Dutch Mantell is accusing Ric Flair of is true well, let me rephrase that from my own experience, I am personally owed 41K buy Flair for for non-appearances back in 2009 where I was foolish enough to pay him upfront when I owned ROH.

It’s so sad that one of my wrestling heroes turned out to be such a lowlife .

When I pursue trying to get the money and was referred to an excellent lawyer, in Charlotte, North Carolina, the lawyer told me “don’t bother I don’t want to take any money from you because you’re going to be a one hundredth online to get nothing “‘

We will have to see if Ric Flair pays up. He has a lot of money, and even more is coming in thanks to his cannabis endorsement deals. Only time will tell if he can find that extra $41k around to re-pay Cary Silkin.

What’s your take on Ric Flair owing that kind of money? Would you loan your friend that kind of dough? Sound off in the comments!

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