AEW had big plans to continue their expansion, but there are only so many hours in a day. The fact that WWE also offers six hours of television every week with RAW, SmackDown and NXT makes AEW’s offering of three hours for Dynamite and Rampage a lot to handle. That won’t stop Tony Khan’s company from trying to keep up with Vince McMahon.

Even WWE had problems getting a fan base for their flagship shows, something that took a long time to establish. Now, we are looking at a thirty-year and twenty-five year run for both the red and blue shows respectively. AEW obviously would love to have that kind of longevity, but it takes a ton of work.

Lance Storm opened up a big on his Figure 4 Online show about AEW’s situation. He also imparted some very wise advice that Tony Khan might want to keep in mind. After all, a third show for AEW would be taxing on fans to keep up.

“You have something that’s good and you want more of it and then in a lot of ways by having more of it, you burn it out.”

“When it was just ‘Dynamite,’ I never missed a show. I didn’t miss a single one. As soon as they added ‘Rampage,’ I started missing ‘Rampage,’ and I started missing ‘Dynamite.’ ‘Dynamite’s’ rating did drop after they added ‘Rampage,’ and if they’re gonna add a third show, it’s like so much content.”

Lance Storm has a lot of knowledge under his belt, but it’s uncertain if Tony Khan is looking for any advisement right now. Only time will tell what AEW decides to do, but Tony Khan seems gung-ho to open up as many hours as he can for AEW programming.

What’s your take on AEW adding another television show? Does Tony Khan need to chill out? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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