Mr. Kennedy had bright future in WWE, as many felt he was going to be the next big thing in the company. He had a rocket strapped to his back and was destined for greatness. However, it seems a medical error prevented him from becoming a World Champion.

Mr. Kennedy had an undefeated streak in 2006 and was later pushed to win the Money in the Bank contract. Unfortunately, a series of injuries and backstage issues ultimately derailed his numerous pushes.

At WrestleMania 23, he won the Money In The Bank match and became Mr. Money In The Bank. However, he was not able to cash it in as an injury saw the briefcase given to Edge instead.

While speaking to Steve Fall on The Ten Count, Mr. Kennedy talked about his early days in WWE and all kinds of plans the company had for him. According to Mr. Kennedy, WWE’s original plan was for him to hold onto his Money In The Bank briefcase for a full year before cashing it in. However, plans changed when the reigning champion Undertaker was injured.


Mr. Kennedy was then scheduled to cash in his briefcase and win the World title the following week, but he suffered an injury during a house show. Stephanie McMahon informed Kennedy that the company still needed to take the title off the injured champion.

That being said, Ken Kennedy was flown to Pennsylvania where he lost a match to Edge, who then cashed in Kennedy’s briefcase and won the title from Undertaker. Kennedy believes that a misdiagnosed injury prevented him from becoming WWE World Champion.

”Went down to Alabama [the day after losing the briefcase], and I’m sitting on his table and he’s like just feeling my arm and he’s like ‘that’s not a tear.'”

After a second MRI, Anderson was diagnosed with a simple hematoma. Anderson chalks up the situation to the realities of business and tried to make the best out of the whole situation.

I think every opportunity is an opportunity, just take it and try to do the best with it.

Following his WWE departure, Mr. Kennedy debuted in TNA/Impact Wrestling where he had a solid run as their World Champion. He feuded with the likes of Kurt Angle, Sting and others before being released in 2016. Regardless, Kennedy will always have this huge regret, and that’s unlikely to ever change.

Were you a fan of Mr. Kennedy? Do you feel bad for how he was never able to become a World Champion? Sound off in the comments!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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