It’s been one year since Big E broke his neck during a tag-team match on “Smackdown” in Birmingham, Alabama. The injury raised concerns not just about Big E’s future in wrestling, but also his overall health.

Big E has spoken to TMZ about his recovery and his plans for the future. While he’s close to finding out whether his injury will keep him from wrestling again, he says he’s in no rush to make any decisions until he’s talked to his doctors and seen the scans.

“I won’t rush to judgments on my health until I see how everything looks,” Big E told TMZ. “Everything isn’t permanent. If it comes to an end, cool. If it doesn’t, cool. What will be, will be. I’m good with whatever.”

Despite the uncertainty surrounding his future, Big E says he’s not anxious about the results of his scans. He has a positive attitude and a message of hope for anyone going through similar obstacles.

“Keep pushing, keep fighting,” Big E said. “Whatever it is that’s in your way, don’t let it stop you. Keep pursuing your dreams.”

Whether he returns to the ring or not, Big E will undoubtedly continue to inspire his fans with his resilience and perseverance.

What are your thoughts on Big E’s recovery and his uncertain future in wrestling? Are you hopeful that he will return to the ring, or do you think he should prioritize his health and safety? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Steve Carrier

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