Ahmed Johnson was featured throughout the late 90s, but it is said that he would never be part of the WWE Hall of Fame. The former WWE superstar revealed how anxious he was before a confrontation with a member of the Anoa’i Family.

The October 30th, 1995 edition of RAW saw Yokozuna bodyslammed by The Pearl River Powerhouse, Ahmed Johnson. It was an extraordinary feat of strength that only a few have managed to pull off, but there was a lot more to this story.

Ahmed Johnson recently appeared on an interview on Pounding the Meat where he spoke about issues working with Yokozuna. At one point, he recalled the October 30th, 1995 episode where he had to body slam the 700lbs superstar.

Ahmed Johnson admitted that he was legitimately scared before his confrontation with Yokozuna. Due to the size of the 700 lbs superstar, Johnson doubted whether he would be able to pull it off.


“Yoko told me, ‘I hope you can pick me up. I’m not gonna jump,'” Johnson said. “I was like, ‘Okay.’ I was scared, man. I was like, ‘How am I gonna get this dude up in the air?’ He weighed like 700 pounds (…) [Lex] Luger did it, but Luger did it when he was only like 500-something pounds. He said he wasn’t gonna jump, so I just closed my eyes and grit my teeth and lifted him up as far as I could take him, man, and dumped him into a slam.” 

There was a rumor floating around that Ahmed Johnson’s triceps were implanted. In the same podcast, Ahmed Johnson shot down that rumor, saying that it was the most ridiculous thing he has ever heard in his life. For more updates, stay tuned to Ringside News.

Yokozuna is sadly no longer with us, but his legacy will certainly live on. On that note, you can check out a clip of the mentioned segment in the video below.

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