Zelina Vega’s star has been steadily rising since her return to WWE last year. Although she had to take another hiatus due to injury, she managed to stay in the public eye and remain relevant on social media through her posts. She is also a massive Anime fan and it seems she even had to explain to Vince McMahon was Naruto was.

After a long hiatus because of injury, Zelina Vega made her return on a previous episode of Smackdown, where she came back alongside Legado Del Fantasma. That move took people by surprise, as Vega ended up taking Elektra Lopez’s spot.

Zelina Vega is part of the upcoming Street Fighter 6 video game commentary team. Vega has not been shy about her love of video games and anime. In fact, she has cosplayed many characters from anime and games in the past.

For many years now, Vega has made it clear that Naruto is one of her absolute favorite Anime. In fact, she even went to Japan recently for the Crunchy Roll Awards show and visited numerous Naruto-related places there.

While speaking on the I Hear Voices podcast, Zelina Vega talked about her love for Naruto. She also recalled the time she explained Naruto to Vince McMahon, including Madara, the show’s main antagonist.

“The way I had to explain Madara [from the anime Naruto] to Vince was my favourite thing in the world. I told him, well, I want Neil Kaplan [English voice of Madara] to do my entrance for the Royal Rumble. Vince was like, why? Well, he is the voice of Madara Uchiha. ‘Who’s that?‘ I was like, OK. Do you know what Crunchyroll is? He’s like ‘a sushi, yes.‘ … Roll back. So, Crunchyroll is like the Netflix of anime. He’s like ‘okay, I get that.‘ So Naruto is like the WWE of anime. He’s like ‘okay, I like Naruto. This is good.‘ Madara is kind of like what Paul Heyman is to Roman! He was like ‘okay, we need it.‘ Speaking his language, you know.”

Zelina Vega also wants to voice a video game character and cosplay as them in the ring. We’ll just have to see who Zelina Vega cosplays as next, with WrestleMania coming up, you never know who could be on her checklist. In the meantime, keep checking back with Ringside News for more.

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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