Kurt Angle is a true icon in the world of sports entertainment. The man with a seemingly unbreakable ankle lock has dominated the ring with his unparalleled technical prowess and signature intensity. Known for his ability to deliver high-octane matches with ease, Angle has captured numerous championships and accolades over the course of his storied career. It should come as no surprise that Angle would be a dream opponent for many wrestlers.

When Kurt Angle returned to the WWE in 2017, he laced up his wrestling boots occasionally and stepped back into the ring while also juggling the role of RAW General Manager until he retired in 2019.

However, during the course of his second run in the company, there was one individual who was waiting for the opportunity to face Kurt Angle in a match, Keith Lee. The Limitless One revealed the same on The Masked Man Show that Kurt Angle was his number one dream opponent.

“For as long as I could remember, my number one dream match was against Kurt Angle. When I tell you I had an entire match in my head of things I wanted to happen. I wanted 20, 30 minutes [with him].”


Keith Lee’s wish never came true, since Angle retired before Lee even graduated to the main roster. Lee also revealed that Lesnar, Low Ki, and Great Muta ranked high among his favorites.

“My influence in this industry is a three-way cross, it’s a triangle, maybe even isosceles, and it is a cross between early [2000s] Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, and Low Ki. Those are some of my biggest influences, and then right there on the precipice is Great Muta. Those are my biggest influences and people I love to study and/or watch.”

It’s unfortunate that Lee never got the opportunity to face Angle as that could’ve been a great match for the fans. Maybe we can still see this match take place if Angle decides to step back in the ring again.

Kurt Angle’s impact on the wrestling industry is undeniable, and it’s no surprise that he would be a dream opponent for many wrestlers, including Keith Lee. Lee’s admiration for Angle as a wrestler and influence on his own career highlights Angle’s continued relevance in the sport.

Although Lee never got the chance to face Angle in the ring, the possibility of a match between the two remains a tantalizing prospect for fans of the sport. With Angle’s retirement, it remains to be seen if he will return to the ring to face off against some of the current generation’s top talents. Regardless, Angle’s legacy as a legendary wrestler and a source of inspiration for aspiring wrestlers like Keith Lee is assured. Until then, stay tuned to Ringside News.

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