Matt Cardona organically got over with fans as Zack Ryder during his time in WWE. Unfortunately, Vince McMahon fumbled a great opportunity to capitalize on his popularity and Cardona was released from his contract in 2020. Cardona also failed to get the Zack Ryder trademark. Now, he’s wondering what WWE will do with the gimmick now that they have the rights to it once again.

It was recently reported that WWE filed to trademark, “Zack Ryder,” “Ezekiel Jackson,” “Drew McIntyre,” and “Dolph Ziggler.” Out of the four stars, Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler are still with the company. Ezekiel Jackson parted ways with WWE way back in 2014.

Cardona took to Twitter to react to the report that WWE has filed to trademark his former ring name. The belt collector joked WWE will debut a fake Zack Ryder like they did with fake Diesel and Razor Ramon during the nineties. Cardona also used the opportunity to troll NXT star Robert Stone.

Is there going to be a fake Zack Ryder? Like the fake Razor and Diesel??? I dig it!!! Who from NXT is gonna be me?! Anybody but @MrStoneWWE……again.


There have many speculations about the return of Matt Cardona to the WWE now that he’s established himself as a bigger star. His wife Chelsea Green has re-signed with the company, making her return at the 2023 Royal Rumble.

Ringside News also exclusively reported that Matt Cardona is on WWE’s radar for a return. It remains to be seen if the King of Deathmatch will re-sign with WWE in the foreseeable future.

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Manik Aftab

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