When Terri Runnels first joined WWE, Goldust was her real-life husband, and she served as his manager. The union of the former WWE pair lasted for over six years before filing for divorce in 1999. Later, she managed additional WWE performers and even served as backstage interviewer for the business, however, she was once accused of cheating on Goldust.

Despite working onscreen and being together offscreen, Goldust has his own doubts. Terri stated that he once accused her of having an extramarital affair with WWE icon Jake “The Snake” Roberts in an interview with Tommy Dreamer few years back.

“He came home from a TV that I was not at. I’m sorry not a TV a house show. He came home. My home. And he goes, ‘why didn’t you tell me you were with Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts.’ And I literally I looked at him and said, ‘Dustin, I’ve never even met Jake The Snake. I’ve never looked upon his flesh. I’ve never shook his hand, said hello, kiss my foot, nothing.

So, you have a choice to make. You know exactly what I’ve told you, where I’ve been, what I’ve done. You can either choose to be with me or go. But I cannot keep playing these silly high school games. So, I just said, ‘make a choice. I’m cool either way. You go, you stay, whatever, just I can’t do this anymore.” 


Goldust resolved the debate by telling Terri that he believed her. This came after the former WWE backstage interviewer gave the Bizarre One the option to stay with her or leave.

Terri Runnels apart from her husband was also known to manage other WWE superstars as well. This included Perry Saturn, Hardy Boyz, and Edge & Christian, adding impressive names to her managerial resume.

Terri Runnels has majorly stayed away from the world of wrestling since departing WWE back in 2004. However, she did return to WWE for one night in 2018 as a part of the RAW 25 Years special episode, being honored as a female legend.

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