Perry Saturn was one of the most athletic gifted and talented in-ring competitors back in the late 1990s. He was credited as a top performer back in the day who made a huge name for himself in WCW and then in WWE. The fans may also remember his popular alliance with former WWE manager Terri Runnels. However, she revealed a secret during their time as an onscreen pair.

Terri Runnels began her stint in WWE as the manager of her then-real-life husband, Goldust. She then moved on to manage other WWE superstars and even worked as a backstage interviewer for the company.

Perry Saturn on the other hand, jumped ship from WCW to WWE in 2000. He made his debut as a part of the dominant group, ‘The Radicalz’ and put the entire WWE landscape on notice.

During that same year, Perry Saturn was paired with Terri Runnels. The duo became an onscreen couple at the time with Runnels also serving as his manager and they had excellent chemistry on WWE television programming.


However, during their time as a couple on television, Perry Saturn reportedly developed real feelings for Terri Runnels. The former WWE interviewer revealed during shoot interview a few years ago that Saturn asked her out, only to be friend zoned by Runnels and effectively turning him down.

“So, Perry says to me, you know, ‘I like you and I wanna date you.’ And I’m like, ‘dude, I love you but like I don’t love you that way.’ And like, ‘you’re precious to me but I don’t wanna date you.’ And he for two weeks did not speak to me. For two weeks he like literally every match we had, I had to ask someone else what are we doing? What am I doing? And he gave me the greatest compliment though years ago. He said to me, ‘Terri, I never thought that I can actually have a female as a friend until you became that for me and you showed me that a male can actually have a female friend. That was the best compliment ever.”

Perry Saturn and Terri Runnels’ on-screen relationship ended a few months later when Runnels turned on Saturn and aligned with Raven. Saturn, on the other hand, continued to perform for the company until November 2002 when he was released by WWE.

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