Paul Wight started his professional wrestling career as The Giant in WCW before becoming well-known as The Big Show in WWE. Before leaving WWE after two decades there, he participated in a number of storylines. He is now member of the AEW family and hasn’t engaged in a lot of rivalries since entering the business. Furthermore, he recently spoke about his knee replacement procedure.

Paul Wight has been recouping from a knee replacement procedure since August 2022. Thus, Wight has been prevented from entering the squared circle, although he has continued to provide commentary for AEW Dark: Elevation episodes.

This knee replacement procedure led to the former WWE superstar spending close to 11 weeks sitting in a wheelchair. Paul Wight spoke on the topic during his recent appearance on Metro UK.

“Well, I spent 11 weeks in a wheelchair because I was waiting for them to build the implant for my knee because of my size. I had crushed all the bone in the knee, I was bleeding into my shin. So, I’ve got a good pain tolerance, but when I say I rode the tire down to the rim, that’s exactly what I did. But, luckily I still have all my ligaments in that knee, everything’s good there, it’s a nice, brand new titanium joint so it’s good for 35 years. So, I can parachute if I want to – not that I’ll ever jump out of an airplane, we all saw the movie Operation Dumbo drop, I don’t think that’s me, we’re good!”


Paul Wight eventually took the decision to use his expertise elsewhere, leaving WWE after spending decades with them and arriving at AEW in 2021. Since that time, he has been happy to occasionally wrestle while also contributing to the commentary crew for AEW Dark: Elevation.

The most important thing is that Paul Wight is content in his position with AEW. When Paul Wight will return to the ring to fight is unknown at the moment, but it can happen soon now that his knee issue is in rehab mode. Check back at Ringside News as we follow up on this story, and everything else going on in the pro wrestling world.

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