Kevin Nash will always be regarded as pioneer and trailblazer of the wrestling world for his amazing contributions and hard work. Big Daddy Cool may have seen a lot of success on the professional front, but his personal life has been in a complete tailspin by losing some of his closest people in succession last year. Despite that, Nash continues to say positive and thanked the fans for their support.

Kevin Nash’s son, Tristen Nash, died in October 2022 at the age of 26. When the former WWE Champion was still processing the loss of his longtime best friend Scott Hall, who passed away earlier that year, the awful death took place.

As the two-time WWE Hall of Famer tweeted a troubling tweet last month, fans began to worry about his mental health. Nevertheless, 11 months later, it now seems there is light at the end of the tunnel for Kevin Nash.

Kevin Nash thanked the fans for their continuous support over the last few months. He recently posted on Twitter, showing his acknowledgment of the wishes of the fans he has been receiving.


“Slowly kicking out. To all of you who sent your love and support you’ll never know the positive effect of pure support and love. Thank you.” 

On his podcast “Kliq This,” Nash talked about losing his son. Tristan and “Big Daddy Cool” admitted that they had made an effort to give up consuming alcohol together. The withdrawal symptoms his son had, however, were quite bad and caused a seizure and heart failure. The day after, Tristan passed away in the hospital.

Kevin Nash has shown the spirit of fighter, overcoming the worst that any human can face in his life. Ringside News extends its support to the WWE Hall of Famer to keep moving forward with a loyal fanbase firmly behind him.

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