Kevin Nash is one of the most respected WWE legends of all time, who has been involved in the industry in various roles. However, last year proved to be one of the worst of his life and he decided to respond to those who took shots at him trying to move on in his own way.

2022 proved to be a devastating year for Kevin Nash. The 2-time WWE Hall of Famer lost his best friend, Scott Hall in March 2022. Following this tragic loss, Nash’s son Tristen passed away due to cardiac arrest in October of the same year.

Kevin Nash has been facing the toughest phase of his life, even hinting at being suicidal while reflecting on his son’s loss after 12 weeks. However, Nash fired back at haters on Twitter who launched their insults towards him and his mechanism to cope with the situation.

“Everyone take a breath. Let’s not take my biggest coping mechanism SARCASM and blow it out of proportion. I appreciate the concern and the fact that others find it a perfect time for insults. Continue to get you updates on @TMZ and wrestling sites. I’ve got legs to train today.”


Big Daddy Cool debuted in WWE as the imposing giant ‘Diesel’ becoming one of their top stars back in the 1990s. Kevin Nash, later on, joined WCW and formed the notorious group ‘nWo’ alongside Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan which became one of the most legendary factions of all time.

The former WWE champion stepped away from the ring long back, after competing in almost every major promotion. Kevin Nash’s love for the business keeps him highly active through sporadic appearances and his own podcast, talking about various topics.

We strongly believe that wrestling fans should be more emphatic towards Kevin Nash, who is dealing with one of the biggest losses of his life. Everyone has their own way to cope with hard situations, and we totally endorse Kevin Nash for being strong after having the most horrific year of his life.

While Kevin Nash deals with this terrible life situation in his own way, we can only hope for the best. In the meantime, keep checking back with Ringside News for more.

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