Cody Rhodes is the one name that has been making headlines over the past few years with his incredible talent and career resurgence. The American Nightmare came back to WWE after six years at WrestleMania 38, as the surprise opponent for Seth Rollins. The duo had a heated rivalry for the next few months, however, it seems like they won’t be able to get along ever behind the scenes.

Cody Rhodes’ work in other promotions made him feel like an outsider in the locker room upon returning to WWE. The Prodigal Son elaborated on the same during recent interview with My Mom’s Basement.

“I felt almost like… no one made me feel this way. I felt almost like an outsider, and to a degree, a bit like an enemy. Because we had put on such a battle on Wednesday nights and I had done things and said things. And they weren’t things you can walk back. They are things you live with and there’s reasons for them and you stand by them. But as much as I might’ve felt that way, I was met with familiar faces like a Kofi Kingston.”

Furthermore, Rhodes also mentioned his former onscreen rival, Seth Rollins. The 2023 Royal Rumble match winner noted that despite their true dislike for one another, Seth Rollins also viewed him as nothing but an asset.


“And then I was met with the ultimate individual Seth Rollins, who’s carrying RAW and just so good and for him to not look at me as the enemy but for him to look at me as an asset. And Seth and I genuinely, if you ask him the same thing, if he was sitting in this chair he’d tell you, he doesn’t like me, I don’t like Seth. We’re not gonna get along ever. However, the utmost respect for him. And for him to look at me as an asset made me not worry about what anyone else was thinking.” 

Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins battled each other on three different occasions, with Rhodes emerging victorious in each one of them. This was Rhodes’ last feud before going down with an injury, right before his match at WWE Hell in a Cell 2022.

After missing months of action, Cody Rhodes reemerged at the 2023 Royal Rumble event. The former WWE Intercontinental champion entered at #30 and lastly tossed Gunther to secure his opportunity for world championship match at WrestleMania 39.

Cody Rhodes is all set to challenge the most dominating champion of the modern era, Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. With Rhodes looking forward to the biggest opportunity of his life, we will have to wait and see if Dusty’s son would be able to finish the story on his own terms.

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