Nia Jax returned to WWE for one night at the 2023 Royal Rumble, but that one-off appearance wasn’t her most controversial outing in WWE’s famous over the top rope match. Years ago, she was also the center of controversy thanks to Grim’s Toy Show.

In 2018, Grim, from Grim’s Toy Show, was at the Royal Rumble event. He was filming his reactions during the match for his YouTube channel. During Nia Jax’s entrance, he famously called her a “Battle Cow,” and that sparked a huge controversy.

Fans of Nia Jax flooded Grim with hate, and he also received death threats. Years later, Grim was finally able to have a face-to-face with Nia Jax and explain things.

Grim showed up at the Baltimore Celeb Fest, where Nia Jax had a booth. He was able to speak directly to her about the situation, and it seems like water under the bridge.

Nia Jax said that it was all “fun” back then, but Grim had to continue his apology as he explained how it helped him change the kind of content he put out. Although Nia Jax acted like it wasn’t a big deal, her face certainly changed with Grim mentioned the fact that he received death threats from her fans after the controversial Battle Cow comment went viral.

It seems that they were able to make up, and Grim also presented her with a gift to mend things. Then they were able to hug it out before Grim left.

For the record, this controversy cost Grim sponsors. He also documented the fact that Nia Jax’s fans tried to get his kids taken away, they threatened him with physical violence and also doxxed him.

This was certainly a nice interaction that could have gone much worse. Nia Jax was all smiles that day, and she might have forgotten about that online beef, because she had so many, but it looks like time heals all wounds.

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Felix Upton

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