The hardcore legend Mick Foley has always been known for his physically grueling and hard-fought matches in WWE. Mrs. Foley’s baby boy now finds himself on the other side giving his opinions on current programs going on in various promotions, including WWE. A recent opinion by Foley centered around Dominik Mysterio’s new thug persona and suggested that a star like Brock Lesnar might be scared of it.

Dominik Mysterio served prison time a while back and has become much more ruthless than ever. This prompted Mick foley to state on his Instagram story that Brock Lesnar also might fear the Judgment Day member.

“Brock doesn’t want any part of @dominik_35. 

The 25-year-old superstar has been changed man ever since he betrayed his father, Rey Mysterio. That led to Dominik Mysterio siding with Judgment Day and adopting a much more ruthless aggression unleashing the darkness inside him.


Dominik Mysterio’s change in personality has come, being under the tutelage of his ‘Mami’ and fellow stablemate Rhea Ripley. The on-screen chemistry between Ripley and her Dom Dom has been widely regarded by fans and critics alike.

Brock Lesnar, on the other hand, had a brief encounter with Dominik Mysterio in the past. This came during Lesnar’s feud with Rey Mysterio back in 2019 and even saw both Mysterios laying out the Beast with a double 619 and frog splashes.

It certainly looks like a tall claim that Mick Foley made regarding The Alpha Male of All Species fearing the ruthless thug, Dominik Mysterio. We will have to wait and see if we hear from Dom or Brock regarding Foley’s statement.

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