Terri Runnels found herself in a bit of trouble recently. It was not a good look at all that she was busted trying to carry a loaded handgun into an airport. She was arrested and now she is waiting to see what happens next.

Runnels tried to explain that she had a gun because she was killing armadillos and other critters while she was visiting her mom. They get in her mother’s garden and apparently, that is a death sentence. However, airport police didn’t seem to buy her story.

She tried to explain herself in a video online, but all some fans could do was poke fun at her makeup. After one fan said that Terri Runnels had “500 pounds” of makeup on, the former Marlena had to reply and straighten them out.

I think it was only like 350 lbs…but yeah, I look WAY different with it!


It’s good that Runnels is able to have a lighthearted approach to this potentially awful situation. If convicted for the crime she could be in jail up to five years and face $5,000 fine.

Hopefully, her excuse is accepted and the charges are dropped, but it doesn’t change the fact that she is definitely going to be checking her bags a lot more thoroughly before catching her next flight.

H Jenkins

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