After winning the Money In The Bank contract earlier this summer, Austin Theory had a couple of failed attempts for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship. He then teased going for the NXT Championship before deciding to cash in for the United States Championship with lackluster results.

On the November 7th episode of Raw, Theory tried to cash in the contract on United States Champion Seth Rollins, who was holding an open challenge for his title that night. Bobby Lashley answered the challenge and attacked the champion brutally. Theory intended to cash in his contract, but Lashley laid him out too, and Rollins then pinned Theory to win the match and retain the title.

While appearing on the November 9 episode of WWE’s The Bump, Elias was asked to share his opinions on the cash-in. He thought the whole situation was strange, as Theory cashed in his contract during an open challenge. Elias also believed that he would have waited for a more special opportunity.

“I’m gonna be honest here. I thought the whole thing was a little bit bizarre. First off, it’s an open challenge. So what are you doing in the first place? Secondly, then he wants to use it on a random Monday Night RAW. If I was Austin Theory and I had the Money in the Bank, I would have waited for a way bigger moment, and maybe somebody like Roman Reigns when they were vulnerable. So hey I get it. Seth, he’s resilient, he did it again, he came out on top. But as for Austin Theory, I think the whole thing’s bizarre all around,”


Who knows what WWE was thinking about using the briefcase to cash in on the United States Championship? It’s possible that there are bigger plans for Theory down the road.

Do you agree with Elias on the failed attempt at the Money in the Bank briefcase? Sound off in the comments!

Andre Porter

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