Tony Khan was initially applauded as a hero when he launched All Elite Wrestling a few years ago. However, this recognition soon turned into criticism of Tony’s approach to booking and managing AEW’s extensive roster. In fact, he got dragged over AEW’s inflated roster yet again.

There is no doubt that AEW has a very deep and diverse roster of talented in-ring performers from all over the world, incorporating various styles of pro wrestling. In fact, that remains one of AEW’s defining aspects.

That being said, the biggest issue with AEW is the roster as well. This is due to the fact that they have far too many people in the company, which leaves many talent without anything to do.

While speaking on the Ad Free Shows Q&A, former WWE Superstar Al Snow shared his thoughts on AEW’s roster. He criticized Tony Khan for AEW’s bloated roster right now.

“You have too many people. Understand that every one of those people that’s under contract is an investment. You can’t market and properly commercialize all of those people because you just don’t have enough television real estate to go around. When you have the television, real estate, you can only sell one product.

The more you broaden the spotlight the dimmer it gets. Laser-focus on those that they want to sell. Keep that depth that you’ve got enough that when you need to build somebody you have somebody significant.”

Tony Khan also recently boasted that AEW made the pro wrestling business hotter. We will have to wait and see how many talents Tony Khan will keep on signing to AEW in the coming months.

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