Ric Flair is legendary figure in the world of professional wrestling. With a career spanning several decades, the WWE Hall of Famer has cemented his place in history through his unmatched ability to captivate audiences with his electrifying and unforgettable performances. That being said, he has a high opinion of WWE now compared to AEW.

Ever since Triple H took creative control over the company back in July 2022, fans have been happier with WWE’s product as a whole. After all, Triple H brought back numerous previously released talent.

In addition to that, WWE’s Premium Live Events have been setting records every month. In fact, even The Royal Rumble last week set numerous milestones. WWE is clearly the best it has been in years right now.

While speaking on his To Be The Man podcast, Ric Flair talked about the Royal Rumble premium live event and the Bloodline segment that closed the show. Flair then stated that he has not heard many people taking about AEW as of late.


”I loved it. What I like about it the most is it’s unpredictable. You knew something was gonna happen, but you didn’t know what. I watched that promo in Philadelphia [on Raw XXX], which was very entertaining. Sami Zayn, he’s good. That really defined him the other night, doing that. He hit [Roman] hard, so it looked good. Roman’s a brick shit house anyway, so it didn’t hurt him. But the way he hit him as hard as he hit him, people stood up and went, ‘Holy shit.’ That’s what it’s all about. WWE right now is in such a hot position where everything’s clicking on such a positive note. It’s insanity. Everything is just boom, boom, boom. It’s incredible.

They’re not missing a beat, and I don’t even hear people talk about AEW, and I’m pretty easy to find. I watch it, but when the WWE gets themselves on a roll like this, it just seems like everything else just pales in comparison. I’m not taking anything away from AEW. It’s just, when [WWE] is clicking like this, between Roman and ‘The Queen’, and the stuff with Becky and Bayley is really good, and Sami Zayn and The Usos, these kids, they’ve all been on top. Rhea has been on top, but not like she is now. She’s put herself in a whole new position, and I’m sure she’s just overwhelmed with excitement, just at the opportunity to be there. It’s Los Angeles, just the word ‘LA,’ they’re right in the entertainment capital of the world, and it’s already sold out I think both nights. I can’t wait to get there to watch it.”

WWE has a lot of plans for the Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event and then WrestleMania 39. We will have to wait and see how WWE will continue to hold fan attention in the coming weeks.

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