Shawn Michaels has been at the forefront of things down at WWE’s developmental territory, NXT. Following in the footsteps of his best friend Triple H, Michaels aims to build a roster of highly exceptional and talented superstars, much like The Game did during his days in NXT. The Showstopper recently shed some light on various NXT superstars missing television due to their prevailing visa issues.

This has been a common problem faced by various athletes signed by WWE who come from different countries to work in the United States. Not only in NXT, but even the main roster superstars have encountered these problems in the past.

The developmental territory has seen a lot of its top prospect superstars disappear from live television due to visa issues in the past. After a lot of internal discussions, the reason was finally revealed to the public who wondered about not seeing their favorite NXT stars perform for weeks.

A past instance on a November 2022 episode of NXT saw Javier Bernal address several fellow superstars, who dealt with such issues. While the British stable Gallus was suspended in storyline to explain their absence, other stars like Axiom and Ilja Dragunov were written off television due to injuries in storyline.


As we all know, Shawn Michaels is overlooking the NXT landscape these days as Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative. He recently addressed the visa issues many superstars face while working for WWE, in a media call before NXT Vengeance Day.

“A lot of it is availability … a lot of it as you said visa issues … a lot of it again is also for some of them … that is a big career move and a big life difference and so … there are a lot of things we want people to consider obviously before they make that move … look nothing would thrill me more to have on a regular basis … they are phenomenal talent … we are thrilled about Gallus being back and Tyler being back … but look as far as whose to come in the future again a lot of that is up to the talent themselves … and also as I mentioned …there are visa issues but we also have get it … a long term commitment … some people we understand … that’s not easy … that’s not an easy decision to make.

The talent pool built under Shawn Michaels’ regime has been highly praised by fans and critics alike. We will have to wait and see when most of these upcoming talents rise up to the big leagues and get called up on the main roster to compete on RAW or SmackDown.

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