WWE Universe has been continuously buzzing about the return of the Prodigal Son after months of being on the shelf due to injury, Cody Rhodes. Not only did Rhodes come back, but inserted himself straight into the world title picture upon his resurgence. Cody Rhodes has been at the center of discussion, and he recently opened up about his intriguing neck tattoo.

The prominent American Nightmare tattoo on Cody Rhodes’ neck was unveiled at AEW Revolution 2020. Rhodes arrived in the arena with this new addition to his personality for his scheduled bout against the current AEW World champion, MJF.

Right from first sight, Cody Rhodes’ amazing neck tattoo became the talk of the town throughout his entire match with MJF. Rhodes revealed more details about his tattoo, during his latest edition of Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast.

“I don’t want to run for President anymore. That seems like a terrible idea. The tattoo on the neck…the dude drew it, and I always liked the design. The American Nightmare design was what it was. I powered through. I have one tattoo on my chest for my dad. I don’t have a lot of tattoos. He’s powering through and is like, ‘Do you want to take a break?’

I kept thinking, ‘I’m good.’ I wish I had taken a break because I didn’t know it was double the size of the drawing I saw. I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m wrestling in two days.’ He said, either do it months out or two days before. I don’t know if it was a mistake or I wasn’t paying attention. A lot of people were like, ‘Neck? Neck?’ My boss at the time [Tony Khan] was like, ‘No way, it’s not going to be your neck.’ Then I walk into the production meeting and Jim Ross is [stunned]. The whole meeting was just staring at it, not listening to anything.”

Cody Rhodes’ neck tattoo not only became a prominent addition to his overall persona, but also became a positive from a business standpoint. The American Nightmare tattoo can be spotted on various Cody Rhodes merchandise, while also being a great option for temporary tattoos.

Cody Rhodes’ triumphant return saw him win the 2023 Men’s Royal Rumble match from the number 30 spot. He lastly eliminated current WWE Intercontinental champion, Gunther, who entered the match at the number 1 spot, and set a new record for the most time spent in a single Royal Rumble match.

The American Nightmare opened the post-Royal Rumble edition of Monday Night RAW, vowing to dethrone Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal championship at WrestleMania 39. Later that night, Cody picked up a huge victory over Finn Balor in his first one-on-one match since returning from his torn pectoral muscle injury.

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